Problem with user rights on Vista?

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I had a failure on my HD, and had to restore back to factory settings. My user account is set as administrator. I can't access secure websites unless I run the program as Administrator (on Chrome & IE8). Also have a "corrupt default search provider" on IE8. I can't change the default search provider unless I run the program as administrator, but when I open IE8 normally it defaults back to the corrupt error. Getting the same problem with Windows Live Mail (have to run program as Administrator otherwise I get an error message). Outlook also won't remember my account passwords. I think all of these issues are due to User Account Privileges, but I don't understand why if my account is already set to be Administrator.

    Any suggestions please?



    I had a similar problem in Windows 7 regarding Administrator rights. I solved this by going to Control Panel / Users Accounts / Change User Account Control Settings, then choose Never Notify. I'm sure there must be something similar in Vista.
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    Did the restore look to go through ok because it sounds like something has gone wrong during the process and left you with a broken Windows install. It's normal to have to run as administrator or confirm certain actions even when you're a member of the Administrator group as it makes it more difficult for malware to install itself, the previous model in XP which allowed users to set themselves as admin and run everything automatically with admin rights is one of the main reasons the OS suffered from so much malware. With that in mind, I wouldn't be disabling the UAC settings or similar because even though they may be annoying, they're there for a reason.

    That said, the problem you've mentioned doesn't sound like it's related to user privileges, these applications shouldn't be needing admin rights to run normally which is why it sounds like something has gone wrong during the restore process.


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    ok, thanks for the advice
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