Problem with Virginmedia WiFi wireless network.....

Posted 28th Jan 2021
Hi guys

So all of a sudden or at least some point during the last couple of weeks my printers are connected to the WiFi network but when I’m trying to send postage labels to print I get the message saying no air printers found. I’ve got 2 printers, one a ecotank set up for sublimation and the other a we 2650, both Epson and neither are being picked up when I want to print.

I’m trying to print on the 2650 and I have managed to connect to the WiFi network in the printer settings but still on iPad, iPhone and laptop none are allowing me to print. I’ve also connected the printer to the laptop via the usb cable and still it’s not letting me print. It’s pissing me right off as I have a parcel I need to get posted pronto. I’ve gone into the hub 3 and changed the security as I was getting the weak security warning so I looked it up and that’s not made any difference other than I’m not getting that warning now. What I do get when network diagnostic tool I get this in the image, I’d be inclined to ring virgin but after googling and reading others having the same problem it doesn’t seem to get fixed, does anyone know if getting mesh WiFi would resolve the issue, I know I’d have to put the hub in modem mode but I don’t want to pay out if it’s still going to have the same issue still.

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