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Hi all,

I need a bit of advice

I have a contract with Vodafone, originally I took it out with no mobile internet because I didnt think I would use it. In December I called them to add the mobile internet pack to my account for an extra £5.00 per month. I january I checked my bill and found they had charged me for the internet I had used and not the £5.00 so rang up and they told me it hadn't updated so he would credit my account with the internet I used and apologised which was fine, same thing happened in Feb, I was then told that the person who did it didn't put the right thing on my account so thats why I was getting charged which was completely different to what the other guy said in Feb, then my March statement came through and the same thing happened again I was really annoyed and this point and sent them an email cause I really don't think I should have to call them every month to chase this they emailed me back apologising and as a "gesture of good will" have put the money that they have over charged me to my account so I can take it off next months bill. don't see how this was a gesture of good will considering I shouldn't have had to pay it in the first place. Just checked my statement for this month and surprise its happened again. I'm really fed up now of having to keep calling and being put on hold and transferred has anyone had this problem before and have they managed to solve it or does anyone have any advise as to what I can do to sort this out.

sorry for this being a bit of a long one!!!


Steffi x


i would call them again and tell them to disconnect you as you have never had the service promised.
tell them you want to speak to a supervisor as you will not explain the situation over and over. If a supervisor isnt available ask them to get one to call you ASAP or you will taking legal action.

when you speak to a supervisor tell her you want to be assured it is sorted and you require compensation for them having made such a mess of you account. Keep it short and calm.

If you're not getting anywhere via the normal routes you could try going to the CEO directly:…ce/

Just put out your story in a calm manner and throw in a few compliments every so often about how you really like vodafone but this experience is spoiling what is other wise a good service etc.

Good luck, hope you get it sorted,

This sounds familiar! My brother has a few accounts with voda, and EVERY month they get the totals wrong, he rings up and they sort it out and they appologise. They never manage to get it right! It's to do with the discounts, thats all i know. But they need to sort it out.

Original Poster

thanks or your advice everyone,will give it a go xx

best to speak to the Ireland call centre teams if you want to get it sorted out properly
.. usually get through for cert if you phone in the evening
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