Posted 21st Jun 2022
The card I originally used to sign up for YTP India has expired so I’ve gone to add a new card but it’s not processing the payment. My old card was on Revolut and the new one is also on Revolut, has anyone had any luck making an account on there recently/changing cards?
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    OK so I had this problem I got the new revolut card activated for use last month and payment was taken but today my monthly payment has failed I can't get it to take money off my revolut at all. Edit:iv used starling card as backup and payment has come off this (edited)
    Thank you! Just tried my Starling as a backup payment method and it worked!
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    I am having same issue with Netflix turkey. Got a new revolut card. Activated it in ships. But Netflix wants a Turkish phone number to activate it. Might try getting a Turkish number from Viber for a month and then cancelling.
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    Too late for the op but it's important you update the card before it expires. So you 1st add a back up option. Then remove primary card which will make the back up as primary.
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    I had an issue before when my card expired and my new one didn't work. So I made a virtual card and used that. Seemed to have gone through (was back in January).

    Replying to

    You sir are a star. My subscription expired for one day and I was already sick of all the adverts. £17 a month for a family membership is way too steep though.

    Thank you so much
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    Nope, I had this problem yesterday
    Damn, they might be catching on now. I think they’re checking the country you select against that of your banks. I wonder if there’s a Revolut-type company that lets you make cards for different countries.
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    Where are you adding the card details from?
    I’m putting them in as though I’m living in India but actually live in the UK.
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    I had a similar issue. I somehow managed to add the same revolut card again by going through the google account page directly (rather than youtube), deleting the revolut card and adding it again. Might have worked on a whim but worth a try.
    Just going to give this a go, praying it works!
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    None of my cards are working. I have used 4 different cards. Anyone know why. Do I have to change my country settings in the Google play store
    Same issue here...
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    I thought i was the only one having this issue
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    I assume nobody bothered reading any of the other threads where it has been mentioned many times that the Indian banks changed their rules regarding recurring payments and foreign transactions some time last year.

    It’s the main reason I moved my sub to Argentina.
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    Mine is coming for renewal soon. I have a Halifax Clarity card would that work to renew?
    Like to know this too but all the posts mention using Revolut
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    I had to manual rewnew for a two months then all of a sudden its taken my revolut on auto renew again
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    I cancelled my family subscription to an individual, but now I can't sign up! I confirm the transaction on my revolut app (ARS), then nothing... i click payment again and then i confrim again... and nothing... an endless loop. Does anyone know what the deal is and how i can fix it?
    Had the same loop come up today having made no changes at all. No way to get around it after working fine for 3 years
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