Problems for Curry's & PC World

Found 27th Mar 2009
Hi, help & advice needed,

I was just about to buy some kitchen appliances from Curry's & a friend has just told me to hold off for a while. My friend works for a rival company & they have been told, that Curry's & PC Worlds may be in trouble because their parent company DSG International are looking at losses of over £60m for the last year.

Has anyone else heard anything?????? or is it just the rival company trying to drum up extra business at Curry's expense?
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I was told same thing today by a friend who works at curry's.
It was announced publically before Christmas profits were right down and stores may close.
Yeah, there was talk of them merging the two stores together to make an even bigger ripoff company

DSG are fine.
your friend is just drumming up business for himself I think.

Just about EVERY high street retailer is feeling the credit crunch in full swing now. argos' owners have had trouble, John Lewis sales have gone down, Empire Direct went tits up.
Why do you think Best Buy has delayed plans to come to the UK?

if you wanna buy something from Currys/Dixons/PC World, just do it.
the company has a seperate treasury put aside in offshore accountsd to honour guarantees should the high street stores cease to exist.

yes some of the smaller Currys.Digital's may go if their lease is due and they aren't making any profit BUT the company is continuing to renew all the profitable stores and have announced plans for another FIVE megastores.

the company also has bonds of 400million that are currently untouched and expire in 2010 so if they needed to, they could use that money to pay off any debts.

if the stores have the items you want at the price you want.
just buy them and stop listening to scaremongering on websites like this who would LOVE it if 40,000 people who work for DSG were made redundant.
actually what you should do is go to your local Currys, and then your friend's store.
try to haggle the items down to zero and ask for free delivery, warranties, cash back etc etc and when both stores say no they can't, tell them to stuff it cos you can find it cheaper on the internet anyways and you've seen the item in their store now so they've lost a sale.

then suddenly wonder why in the coming months and years:
your friend has no job.
and why theres no high street electrical retailers left
then why you can't physically see anything before you buy it cos every f**ker knows "Its cheaper on the internet"
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