Problems hiding wires with new TV stand, any idea's?

    I got this TV stand from…tml

    But all my wires are showing and it looks a right ols mess, can can i hide the easiest I have a Virgin Box, a Wii, a Xbox 360 and in a few days ill have a PS3.

    Any idea's? I thought of buying a sheet of brushed steel and gluing it to it and have them cut some holes for the cables but im not sure this is a good idea.

    Will upload pics tomorrow (without PS3)



    How about using something around the house and recycle?

    Maybe some copper pipe or such like.

    what about JML cable tidy?

    Original Poster

    There are loads of cables power and AV i mean like 7 or 8 total. I have cable tidy pipes type thing but they look ugly. I may have tio use those as i wont be moving it anytime soon. Just want a nice tidy TV stand area

    don`t use copper piping or anything that conducts ,apart from the danger of cut cable/short circuit`s faults
    there`s a electro magnetic field set up by doing this
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