Problems installing MS office 2007

    im trying to install ms office 07 but each time i try i get an error during installation, saying something about not being able to update some protected files, thats all the info i get so i dont even know which files it cant update. anybody else experienced this or know how to overcome it?


    call MS?

    Who are you trying to install it as? Try doing it as Administrator, either login as administrator or do a "run as" from your user account.

    Original Poster

    I'm running it on the admin account

    Do you have a previous version of Office installed on teh machine already. If so, uninstall it, clear out any Temp folders, restart the PC and then try the installation again. If you don't have Office installed, try clearing the Temp folders and retrying.

    Original Poster

    think ive sorted it now, seems i stripped out a file i needed when i nlited the install cd
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