Problems submitting meter readings online for British Gas

    Just wondered if anyone was having trouble submitting their meter readings for electricity (or gas)

    I put my single electric meter reading in, and it just goes to a blank page. If I then refresh this page, it loads but says I need to put numbers in the box (which I had done, and it was five digits etc)

    Tried on two different computers and both IE8 and Firefox.

    Will call BG next week, but a bit annoying!


    I have all sorts of problems on that site.

    I can never og on since they upgraded the site and when I try to re register it says the email is in use - yes with my old account!! Have also contacted them with no joy. I always ring the automated line.

    Original Poster

    I rang them today.
    Helpful guy, but sounds like their sysyem is awful.
    He said I could't submit entries online yet as the account was quite new! Not good considering I have an online engergy plan!!!! :?
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