Posted 30th Jun 2021
BT delivered a Google Nest Hub 2 which looks like it has either very bad backlight bleed in one corner or pressure damage. If you're curious as to what that means it looks like this:

I didn't think that was OK for a brand new product and requested a return thinking it'd be simple.

Initial response: "Please refer to the manufacturer in the first instance, as problems can at times be rectified with Technical Assistance."

Follow-up response: "The reason we refer all returns to the manufacturer is so that the item can be tested and fixed if possible. If the item is returned to us and the there is no fault found, we will return this back to you and refuse any refund/exchange. The fault code ensures this was previously tested and declared as faulty by the manufacturer team. Please do advise if you wish to return this without a fault code and I can arrange your return."

Am I being messed around here? I was going to go for a replacement unit but now want to back out of the order entirely and get my money back. I don't really want to get dragged through an RMA procedure with the manufacturer, then pass this back to BT. It was delivered the day before yesterday.
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