Problems with CDWOW vouchers??

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Found 29th Apr 2008
Is anyone else not being sent vouchers applied for via CDWOW?
Recently ive applied for the £5 voucher that was promoted in a games magazine, the £1, £2 and £3 vouchers that were mentioned on this site. and at least one other.
Ive applied correctly, cutting and pasting the relevant codes in the correct places yet ive not received any of these vouchers?

Anyone else experiencing this or do CDWOW apparantly just hate me!?


quite often dont get their vouchers - got the 1,2,3 ones today though

My vouchers got stopped by the spam filter. Once I'd released them, Outlook on my PC moved the £1 voucher into the Junk E-mail folder, but left the £2 and £3 in the in box. Weird.

Didn't g et them to my hotmail address, but OK with my ntlworld one.

got vouchers yesterday £1, £2, £2 nothing I want though

not had a problem with the cd one .. went through ok .. not tried the others

i got 2 £2 and 1 £1 yesterday

I didn't get the £1, £2 or £3 ones, even though I applied using the email address registered on my account! Oh well, it's been a long time since CD-Wow have been much good anyway...


I've also entered the £5 games voucher and not received it, in the terms it says 'The closing date to apply for your free voucher is Midnight 8th May, 2008.' so I guess they send them out then?

I got my 3 vouchers yesterday and used the £1 on myself and the £2 to get Atonement for £9.99 for my mums birthday...

I've not used the £3 games one as I've just bought GTA IV :-D:-D:-D

Same here, still waiting for the £5 voucher. Some people I think claimed they had theres
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