problems with cod 4 ps3 please help

    hi people got cod 4 ps3 with 4 free maps, its says to go to account management but keeps coming up with error 80023017
    whats that?why?
    so went in to ps store redem code says no longer available why?second hand
    go on to game load it up to online and stays on downloading settings
    not start a game
    whats wrong?


    If the game is second hand, it is likely that the previous owner used the code, rendering it useless.

    As for the other errors, I dunno.

    I've been reading that error 80023017 means the PSN store is down for maintenance. I can't find a Network status page on the Playstation website to confirm that but this is what lots of people are saying it means on various forums.

    As for the problem with the code it could be that's it's been used, as suggested above or an error caused by the maintenance.
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