Problems with dishwashser salt light indicator - Hotpoint FDW60

Posted 19th Oct 2009
My salt light indicator won't extinguish despite it being full to the brim with salt. I've tried turning dishwasher off at the mains. I've search the net for answers. Does anyone have any ideas how I can re-set it?
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Remove the light bulb?
Our indesit takes about 3 cycles after refilling the salt before the light goes out. According to the manual it's normal. Yours might be the same.
Do it on a hot wash with a finish dishwasher cleaner in it. The sensors may be a bit slimey ....I do it once a month on mine and have never had any probs and machine is now 9 years old.
Looks like it is a common problem from searching the 'net'.

If the above doesn't work for you then ring Hotpoint on 08709 066 066, I've found them to be unusually helpful
Also bear in mind that apparently the light is 'supposed' to flash for a couple of washes, even after you have filled the salt, anymore than that tho and I'd guess you have a problem of some kind.
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