Problems with Flash! HELP!

    I have an flv video file embeded in a swf flash file.

    It works on my computer but when i write them both to a cd for another computer the video will not play.

    The contentPath is correct. I cant think of anything else to alter.

    need to hand in this coursework tomorrow night so any replys would be very helpful.



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    Any help? It would mean so much!

    aside from the (bleeding) obvious, guessing the 2nd pc has all the same settings and versions of the s/ware that the 1st pc has?

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    Yeah both are running Flash CS3

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    is it just a video? does it have to be in flv format or can it be - coded into another??? if it can i can convert it for you! i know what a ****** coursework is ;-)

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    The video has to be in FLV. according to the brief so thus cannot be encoded into anything else...

    hmmmm dont know then mate!!! normally with flash it's a permision error. eg unknown scripts running try setting all the security to the lowest and when opening hold down ctrl sometimes this can help with security problems.... if not do you have techs where your using the 2nd pc (eg its at uni) if so go ask them it's their fault! LOL

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    It's from my computer to another mates computer has nothing to do with the uni. Wish I knew it has to be in tomorrow can't find anything on the net!
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