Problems with glasses from D&A, anyone had this and what to do?

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Found 13th Feb 2009
I had my eyes tested at D&A. Great chap, really nice, and after it all he said I needed glasses. I browsed their range and ordered some that day, and a week later when I picked them up I said that they didn't seem right - all blurry, loads more than usual.They said I need to get used to wearing glasses - fair enough, i've never had them before but 2 weeks later and I'm having real problems, the left eye is blurrry (but not when I take them off), and I get this motion sickness when I walk in them from the space above and below the glasses moving differently to the space from within the glasses. I am going to go back and talk to them about it but don't know what they will do - they were made especially for me, but I'm not liking them at all!!
Anyone had any problems with glasses or experiences with D&A? Do I need to persevere a bit more and will the motion sickness feeling subside with more time? Do you think I can return them even though they were made for me?


they will check the lens to make sure they are the prescription that was ordered - if it is they will then recheck your eyes in case they made a mistake - they will not refund you only make you a new set

It usually takes me a day to adjust to a new script but that's ridiculous! Make sure a different optometrist test's your eyes and go elsewhere for a second opinion! Good luck. X.

Lol, they are not right.... tell them! ;-)

When we were kids, we used to take my Mums glasses to get the whole 'moon walk' experiance... :w00t:

Great as as a kid.... but not what you want in the office!!!!!! :-D

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Thanks guys. I'll go back and have a word with them on the weekend. Just good to know it's not that I'm being silly and need longer to adjust to them, I don't know this stuff not having needed them before.


I just had an eye test with D & A, and am glad that I didn't have to pay for it.

I have worn glasses for almost ten years, and wasn't convinced at all about the test, took ten minutes and afterwards felt like asking if that was really it. Didn't seem thorough enough at all.

Found some frames I liked tho, not sure weather to get a second eye test just in case.


When you had the eye test, did you ask for the glasses perscription? If you did you could have another optician check if it is correct and if so, if the glasses match the perscription. Always worth asking for the perscription even if it is not offered (together with your PD - Pupilary Distance). You then have the option to either shop around or more importantly have details, if you should need to get a pair of glasses in an emergency.

I don't have the prescription, however I think I will go in and ask for it and the pupilary distance.

I have also found the frames I like online with lenses, which work out at less than half the price that D&A quoted. Not totally sure about getting glasses online, so will have to do some more research.

Thanks for the advice
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