Problems with internet on unlocked phone?

    Can anybody help please.
    I recently bought an unlocked c905 off someone on here but i cannot connect to the internet on it.
    It was originally on 3 but has been unlocked.
    I can do everything else on it but just cannot access the net.
    Im sure it's something to do with the settings but know nothing about it.
    I'm on O2 so if it is the settings, how do i change it and what to?

    Many thanks


    go to the 02 website theres a page on there that you fill in your phone number and they send you the settings

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    Ive done it through the website and they send me the settings. I install them and it says Settings installed: picture message and web browser but it still doesnt work???

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    O2 have given me a text saying settings should be installed but if i have any problems to call free on 08706003009. Will it matter if i tell them that it was originally a phone from the 3 network?

    Although you have saved the settings have you activated them as the default connection?

    o2 won't care that the phone has been unlocked from 3

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    No, how do i do that?

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    SettingsConnectivity Internet profiles.AlsoSettingsConnectivity Data … Settings>Connectivity> Internet profiles.AlsoSettings>Connectivity > Data AccountsChange both to O2.At least that's on my W810.Also did you unbrand it as I'd do that.

    No i didnt but i want to.
    There's loads of links to 3 on there which is doing my head in.
    How do i do that?

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    Thanks. Both repped.

    That flashing business looks pretty complicated plus i didnt like the comments aboput everything being erased (which isnt too bad i guess cos i can back everything up) and

    Flashing the firmware half way may break your phone, and your phone might … Flashing the firmware half way may break your phone, and your phone might not start.

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    Think i'll give o2 a call on that number n see what they say bout me accessing the net
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