Problems with laptop graphics

    I recently purchased a laptop with an ATI mobility Radeon HD 3650 512mb gfx card. The problem is the laptop will not run games smoothly on a decent setting. Ive tried Team Fortress 2 on the lowest settings and it is still jumpy. Even on counter strike source it can just about run it on medium settings.

    I know this laptop should run these 2 games on the highest settings with ease as i've played them on laptops with far worse gfx cards.

    Ive tried installing the newest drivers for the gfx cards but it hasn't made any diference.

    Has anyone got any other ideas?


    5400 hdd?, low ram? too many proggies using it, overheating, could be so many things

    Original Poster

    The games were the only things running at the time and the laptop is cool. Got 3gb ram.

    whats the laptop?

    The default setting on these drivers tends to assume that you want FSAA enabled. This is good in that it improves the softness of edges, but it obliterates framerates. Disable it, and slide the other IQ settings down a notch or two in the Cataclyst driver suite. Things should speedup.
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