Problems with Laptop/Broadband - Please help...

    This may sound strange - but wanting to connect my laptop to monitor - so I can watch iplayer etc... on monitor

    As soon as I connect vga cable - it kills my broadband..... I can get the pic on the screen etc. but the internet doesnt work = Anyone got any ideas?

    Many Thanks


    is it wireless broadband? Is the lid open or closed after you connect to external display?

    Original Poster

    still open - wireless but also tried with wire....
    shows strong signal - but just stops working!
    I have turned firewall off - this doesnt effect it!
    Going to bed now - but any help is appreciated - Thanks

    hmmm. Thats weird if the wired internet connection stops working too. Did you try connecting your laptop to external display through means other than VGA cable?
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