Problems with my internet.

    Ive been having problems with my internet over last few days, the problem is that i get disconnected every half hour or so for a couple of mins, this occurs on my P.C and xbox live, rather annoying esp when in a game!

    I have no idea what the problem could be and have contacted AOL , no help there....

    I have a Netgear DG834 V.2 router.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this id be very grateful, maybe there some kind of page where i can check the ideal settings for my router to compare with.

    Thanks in advance!.


    I've got exactly the same set up, give me a few minutes and I'll take a few screenshots so you can check your settings are the same.

    Just a quick suggestion first, probably something you've already done - make sure you have microfilters on all your phone sockets.

    aol enough said

    Have you rebooted your router (switch off then back on)

    There aren't many options to change really, but here are mine:

    Basic Settings:

    Does your internet connection requite a login? - Yes

    Encapsulation - PPPoA (PPP over ATM)

    ADSL Settings:

    Multiplexing Method - VC-Based

    VPI - 0

    VCI - 38

    I can't imagine that'll be any use whatsoever to be honest. I'd just try properly resetting it - hold down the reset button with a pin, unplug power for 30 seconds, plug it back in and release the reset button.

    Do you have latest firmware installed?

    Original Poster

    I cant for the love of me get the firmware upgraded , it just doesnt want to do it! , i even downloaded the upgrade wizard as it would get a server is not responding on the router settings after it loads it.

    When i use the upgrade wizard that i downloaded i select the adapter card that i use on the list, then i click next, the next page i should have a device list, its blank!.

    Also i get a local area connection area error bottom right when it disconnects.

    Is your router dropping synch? (The little (I) button goes flashy then retrains to solid), any problems with your phone line ie crackling or any other noise?

    The Sky version of the Netgear 834GT doesn't like having upnp enabled - it sometimes cause the sync to drop - you could try turing it off on yours?

    mine does same, and I have to keep rebooting my router. Usually when usin my vista machine - it keeps going to local only - anyone know how to sort this, I havent done anything with it. Got a BT home hub yesterday, anyone know how they are? I have a speedtouch 760 (I think) at moment. Just usually have one, maybe two machines connected through modem and connection sometimes is appaling. Worse when dialled onto my works servers which means I usually download the spreadhseets I need then email them back to my works email! Maybe I should install XP instead of Vista though some of the little games on it are cool.

    I have a DG834G and like you i get disconnected every half hour or so, internet goes down for 1 minute and xbox live disconnects me, im with Pipex.

    Have you connected microfilters to every phone connection with something connected?

    Also for aol check that the mtu size is 1450

    What are the essential settings for connecting to AOL?

    When setting up a router, you will be prompted to enter certain details that govern the type of connection you establish. Depending on the hardware you have, the way in which you enter these details may differ. However, you are likely to be prompted to enter them during the installation of your router and also a wireless adapter, should you choose to use a wireless setup.

    Some router installation guides will automatically enter some of these details. Therefore, you may not be prompted for them all. In other cases, the options will be named differently. If you experience problems setting up your chosen home networking solution, you should refer to the documentation included with the device.

    Required Details:
    Connection Protocol: PPPoE VPI: 0 VCI: 38
    Note that sometimes you will be asked for both figures together (VPI/VCI). In that instance, you enter them separated by a comma: 0,38 Username: [email protected] Password: youraolpassword

    Please read these important guidelines about screen names and passwords used to configure a router to sign on to AOL.

    MTU Setting: MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit) defines the largest data packet size you can transmit in one go across a network. The AOL network runs at an MTU of 1450. Many routers have inbuilt auto-configurations where the hardware identifies that the AOL traffic has an MTU of 1450 and dynamically adjusts. Alternatively you may have to manually change the MTU setting on the modem router.

    If the router hardware does not have this facility, the MTU setting can manually be changed on the computer to 1450.

    You can change the MTU setting on your computer by using DrTCP. This is a free software utility that is a shortcut to editing your registry. This is available at:

    MRU Setting: MRU (Maximum Routing Unit) is required by some modem routers and should be set to the same value as the MTU of 1450.

    MSS Setting: MSS (Maximum Segment Size) is required by some modem routers and dynamically adjusts the packet size to fit the MTU. It should be set to 1410.

    Wireless Settings:
    When configuring a wireless router, you may also be prompted for the following:
    # SSID: This is the 'name' of the router that you are using and is used by wireless adapters when they attempt to establish a connection.
    # WEP Key: The WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) key is the equivalent of a password on your router. Depending on your setup, it may be necessary to define one of these and ensure that any wireless adapters that connect to the router have the same key in their settings.
    # Network Type: There are a number of possible choices available here, but, if the option is available, you should choose Base Station.
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