problems with n97

    hi i bought the new nokia n97 handset and it really doesnt seem to be any good or does nyone know of any big problems with the phone? as i think it is not working properly


    I don't know why but when Nokia seem to release these n series phones they do see to have bugs and errors. The N95 and N96 were the same. Too slow at opening apps and just poor performance in general. They'll be firmware updates at some point but I have no idea why nokia do this time and time again; why release a flagship phone only to have poor software!

    Mine is fine, what issues are you experiencing with it? Only thing that doesnt work on my is accuweather!

    mines is fine as well , but when i play music sometimes the fone becomes unresponsive and i have to switch the fokin off then back on again :x

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    lol the things you guys said
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