Problems with Next online, Just a warning for others.

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Posted 28th Feb 2010
I was kindly given a promo code by a fellow hukd member for £10 off a £15 spend with Next online. I selected just over £15 of items and opened a member account to process my order. As with most online retailers I had to input my information-name, dob, address etc and ticked the boxes to say I accepted terms and conditions and declined daily emails or whatever it is they offer you!

At stage 2 I was given the chance to put in a gift card number but not a promotional code, I clicked through to stage 3 hoping I could put the promo code in at the payment stage and got 'Your order is complete! You will receive your items within 1-2weeks.'

I hadn't entered any payment details and was thoroughly confused so I've rang the customer services. They were very quick (under 2 mins to answer) and polite and helpful, but basically when you select 'accept terms and conditions' the terms state that you are OPENING AN ACCOUNT for which you will receive statements etc and dont input any payment information initially. You then have to process payment through the post or in store etc.Even though I only ordered 10mins ago they will not cancel my order and I will have to go through the motions when my order arrives.

It is completely my fault for not reading the t&c's but I do so much internet buying I didn't expect that Next would be any different to other online retailers.

I just thought some members might not be aware of this& would want to know. Sorry it's a long post, but it will matter to some people!
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