Problems with O2 contract... Lost phone-contract ended in October 2008 said it's in new contract...

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Found 6th Jan 2009
My partner lost his mobile phone today and we've tried ringing it, it's switched off, so we're assuming it's stolen.
Anyway, he rang up o2 this evening and they said he's still in a contract- a new one-apparently it's a rolling contract? My partner wasn't aware of it, he wasn't notified in writing or verbally. How does he stand legally?


He hasn't taken an upgrade from them or any sort of reduction in line rental has he - if he has then this could constitute a new contract.

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Did he upgrade or take an offer of discount on the tariff?

No they were trying to charge him for a new phone but he refused but he thought it was paid for month by month.

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Somethings not right then, he needs to phone o2 back and ask specifically … Somethings not right then, he needs to phone o2 back and ask specifically when the contract was extended and why. If it's still no clearer ask them to send him a copy of his agreement.If he has taken a new phone or a reduction in tariff, they usually extend the term for 12/18 months, but if he hasn't, who knows what they are doing!

Hiya thanks for your help, I tried to tell him whilst on the phone that he should ask for some proof etc. He's actually gone out in the pitch black to try and find his phone, he's gutted as it had photos on there of our son from when he was born- 3 years worth of photos.

I feel for you losing personal stuff like that is so hard and i am sure o2 will sort it they are normally pretty good call tomorrow and talk to the day shift supervisor. good luck

more than likely he has had a call from an independent agent pretending to be O2 and saying something like would you like more minutes but not telling him he is taking out a new contract,This is a disgusting practice that the networks should put a stop to, For the contract to be binding i believe they have to have a recording of him agreeing to the contract,
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