Problems with Oli - again

    About 3 month ago I orderd a dressing table of their webiste.. a beautiful, shiny, black thing with mirrors and very sexy!... (if dressing tables can be sexy!) It arrived and i kept it packed til id finished decorating the room. Decorated the room around the theme of the table, eg, black, white mirrors etc.. you get the picture. Unpacked the table, started building it.. took three days (small kids) only to find 3 very important bits missing eg drawer fronts. I emailed them and they asked me to phone with what parts are missing. (sorry its a bit long winded). They said they would be with me in 20 days. A month later I phoned to chase, they said on the way. I emailed again last week, only to be told that the table was out of stock, and no parts were available. Now they want me to unbuild the table, pack in the original (!) boxes and they will get someone to lift it.. I AM SO ANGRY!.. They are just going to throw it away, but I have to go to the trouble to take the flipping thing apart, try and pack it into God knows what - and then try to find something to replace it with.. Their reponse - "its company policy"... NO MORE OLI FOR ME!

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    Flipping child labourers in foreign countries :roll:
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