Problems with online parking company!

Found 12th Jul 2010
Greetings, I need help, please. I wasn't sure where to put this request so if there's a better place please fell free to move it.

This is the situation: about two months ago I decided to rent my parking space through an online parking company. One usually has to be careful with these things, so in spite of there not being a customer feedback system I decided to give them a try: they seem to have hundreds of spaces to let across England and be
legitimate so I had no major concerns. I also checked their payment methods that included cheques (for a fee of £7.50!) as the least I wanted to do was to provide complete strangers with my bank details, let alone online. It all looked pretty legitimate and safe, or so I thought...

To cut a long story short: I had problems with the clients they found me and instructed them to terminate the contract both on the phone and in writing. They refused, our reasoning being that they were paid 2 months in advance by the client so couldn't care less about both our wishes (the tenant also wanted to terminate the contract!). They have an 0844 number that I had to ring many times to try to straighten things out but was met with complacency and disregard.

The situation is that I should have received my cheque 20 days ago and they are refusing to release it as they now say they stopped sending cheques as they keep getting lost in the post! Not only was I (and the tenant) forced to continue with a contract we were unhappy with, they are now trying to force me to give them my bank details or receive no payment!!...

In the meantime, the tenant is still using my parking space for free (though they paid the company)! What do you advise me to do, please? I'm sure I'm not the only one having problems with this company but as they have no feedback system it's impossible to contact past clients to see what they have to say.

Any advice appreciated - many thanks.

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Original Poster

P.S. I forgot to say that I was counting on this money to help pay a few bills that are now overdue and incurring arrears, so the amount of stress this has, and is, causing is absolutely unbelievable!

try CAB

Yep, contact the CAB. Write down all correspondence you have had with the company with dates, times, durations, names etc. See if they have a telephone number on saynoto0870 to keep the costs down, see if you can talk to a manager and get it resolved asap but the CAB will give you free advice on the best way to proceed.



just give them your bank details so they can pay you.

they cant take money out of your account!



just give them your bank details so they can pay you.they cant take money … just give them your bank details so they can pay you.they cant take money out of your account!/end

This ^ They only need your account number and sort code and you can only pay in with these details, they'd need the 16 digit code to make withdrawals.

Original Poster

Thanks for your very helpful replies! My concern here is one of identity theft as besides my name and address they'll also have the bank details... And they have been very pushy about this, so I'm having the gut feeling that something's not quite right. Could those personal details put together be used for identity theft or anything similar? (That's my concern). Thanks again.
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