Problems with OutNow DVD rental - advise please

    I had a 2 month free trial but have decided to cancel my member ship so I sent the 2 dvds back in one envelope and canceled my membership, they said they give 7 days for them to receive vds back and then it will be canceled. I received an email saying thankyou for returning one of the dvds even though they were in the same envelope so they must of received of them both! This morning I had an email dayig my 7 days had lapsed and I will be charged for the DVD and can not cancel my membership. They have my debit card details but i dont see how its fair I have to pay for something that m positive they received back! Any advise on how to tackle this later as I usually loose my temper on the phone.


    cancel the direct debit with your bank. and call them. tell them that they were both posted in one envelope so you knw its a lie. make sure you tell them that you have cancelled direct debit. ak to speak to a manager, always scares them that your not jut backing down. and make sure you email, and post a letter too. keep copies and send recorded. perseverence is the key to companies like this

    Out of interest do you have a proof of posting? Because that is one of the things they will ask.

    Good luck. I think all of these companies are as bad as each other.

    im having a similar problem- I signed up for a 2 week free trial - BIGMISTAKE

    i had 3 DVDs which i sent back- and now they are emailing me, telling me they haven't received the DVDs.

    ive emailed them telling them if they havent then its roytal mail's fault not mine- and i read on the website that if the dvds have been lost in the post they send u forms to fill in so they can claim off royal mail

    but they haven't sent me these forms- even thought ive asked for them

    so it leads me to believe something fishy is going on

    meanwhile they are still trying to charge me £15 a month for subscription when im not even receiving any DVDs!

    Its extortionate. I don't beliee for a minute that they haven't received the DVDs. But what do i do?
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