Problems with Paypal and double payments?

    Hi, I had an issue a month ago where paypal took payments twice for a purchase and managed to claw it back and this only took a week.

    But on the 22nd (December) I had to pay off an outstanding balance I had due to an item I purchased on the 25th November from h&m for £23.99 which it turns out didn't try coming out until the 21st December; I thought it had already been paid at the time of purchase but later found that h&m had had some technical errors which meant payments were been taken a few weeks after purchases. I didn't have the money in my bank at this point so incurred a £10 bank charge and also a negative paypal balance. However, on the 22nd I paid off the Paypal balance; which is still pending as one payment in my paypal account but on my bank account I have two payments for the 22nd of £23.99 going to paypal. Does anyone know how I'd try to get one of these payments back? Especially as only one of the payments is showing in my paypal account! It appears one on my bank account is direct debit whilst the other is a bank transfer of some kind? Not getting any luck with contating paypal, just wondered if anyone has had the same or similiar experiences and what I should do?



    Ring them up they are really easy to talk to

    I had same last month and as the bank account I use is only for PayPal made me overdrawn so I have bank charges going out next month. I rang them and they said it was a bug on their side and if I email proof of charges they will reimburse me within 48 hours x

    had 2 issues also. But yes, email/call paypal, they are very good. You may have to wait couple of days for the unwanted payment to be canceled by the retailer, but it will be sorted. If only all CS teams were like paypal.

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    Thankyouuu for the answers! Gonna try and get in contact via phone tomorrow morning. Just hoping they can help as only one of the transactions is showing in my Paypal account. Fingers crossed haha :-)
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