Problems with PES 2009 PS3 loading. Anyone that can help please, £2 pounds paypal to who that can......

    i updated my ps3 system yesterday and now my PES2009 won't load up! before the update, the game would load and a message saying 'DNS error' would come on the screen, press O and then that would disappear and then it would go onto a blank screen with stars in the bottom left. From here it would load into the game. But since this system update, it loads to the blank screen with stars in the bottom left but then nothing happens, just stays like that. what do i do?!!!?? i'd appreciate any help.

    I have tried downloading the new update online 2.53 but my PS3 wont accept saying recent update complete or something.

    Anyone that can actually get this to work, I will happily pay 2 pound paypal gift on getting the blimin thing to work.

    Cheers .


    Rest your PS3. Clean the PES disk.

    When will I be receiving my money?

    Original Poster

    thfc andyp3;3907927

    Yep just done that and new upate now working cheers.

    Just PM your paypal and Il send gift. Cheers m8.

    You don't have to give me the money Im happy to help regardless of any financial gains, as are most people on here

    If you wish to use the £2 please send it to a chairty of your choice, thanks

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