Problems with pipex

    Hey all, wonder if some of you can help me !!

    Basically, I cancelled my pipex account, they took £54 out of my account the next day, and they are still taking DD payments out. Problem is, for the refund, I need to keep the DD open because they will refund that method also.

    They should nto have taken any money from me, they started a new contract because they signed me up to the wrong thing a few months back, so they should not have taken a penny. They are useless, I keep getting told they will sort it but no money is coming back. Do I have any guarantees with direct debit through my bank? I wanna get this money back asap.

    Any help appreciated.

    PS - been calling them all the time, the people in the phillipines dont have a clue, and I cant get through to the UK at all. Keep getting cut off etc. Waste of time they all are.


    Speak to your bank. You should be covered under the direct debit guarantee which means the bank will recredit your card and they will claim the money back from the company.

    Not clear from what you have said whether you cancelled with the company in time for them to stop the DD as they normally need a few days. So if you aren't covered by the guarantee, I would suggest though that they can refund straight into your bank without needing to keep the DD in place - again check with your bank as they will be best placed to help. Other companies manage it! (You will need to go into the bank to cancel the DD.)

    Hope this helps!

    As has been said, contact your bank and demand an instant refund under the direct debit guarentee.

    Send a recorded letter to them stating that you are out of contract and no more money should be taken.

    Avoid them in the future!

    Original Poster

    hey, thanks for the replies. just spoke to barclays. money wil be back in my account within 2 days!! Bingo. thanks for the help.
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