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    ive had loads of problems with in the last 3 weeks, i order stuff, then it goes to processing and stays like that for upto a week, so i ring them again today to be told the same thing " sorry its out of stock and we dont know when it will be back in stock" so i asked why are you showing on the website that everything i ordered was in stock the advisor replied " sorry i dont know" !
    not everything i ordered was high end items, dsi in red held as processing for a week , i ring them to be told the above, then a dsi in blue again held in processing for 5 days ring and get the same info, other things, sd cards are still processing after a month, spongebob pencil case still order taken after 6 weeks, umpteen psp games all showing in stock and then held in processing for weeks at a time,
    i am so sick of play messing me round any one else having problems.

    my advice is if your order is still processing after 5 days ring them and find out if they have them at all in stock!


    their customer service is useless. i order a fair bit from there, and id say 20% of it stays in my orders list for months. Only when i notice it and contact them - do they tell me its out of stock and not coming back. great! not sure i agree with having to chase them about it.

    you think thats bad? i've been waiting for months for my order from additions. the expected delivery is tomorrow, but considering they still have no stock...

    im waiting for my sackboy i ordered, where is he? busy being processed
    only ordered in october, hope i get it this year

    i am new to this forum i found this thread trying to get help myself about i never had a problem for 2 years i have used them. but after buying an item that never got to me and trying to get my money back is such a pain. i never known such a bad service. the phone help line is useless and emailing them is not worth it. all i want is my £50 back. i have sent in a missing form that should take 24 hours for a reply and i am still waiting now 4 days later on what is going to happen, no one seem to care. this is the last time i will be buying of them.very quick to take money off you but not give it back. what has happen to at late, use to be such a great company to buy from. I see not only me this has happen to, i seen on face book people saying the same about them on the page. Is anyone els i could turn to get my money back.

    Ive had the same problem recently. Ordered a Nokia N8 £259.99. I emailed on day 7 asking why it hadnt been sent as they say on their site usually dispatched next day, or the like. Looks like i upset someone coz they cancelled my order & then put the price up to £315. I was told it was an error & if i re-ordered it they'd refund the difference. 5 days later they put up an AWAITING STOCK notice. They are an absolute shower of ****. I cancelled it & bought it somewhere else.
    Also my screen protector never arrived (5 weeks & counting), so i have to go through their pathetic system of making a claim. So in the mean time my phone is getting scratched.

    So it looks like are still as useless as they were nearly 2 years ago.
    I strongly advise EVERYONE to steer clear of this shambles of a company.

    ordered a cd back in february still waiting and ordered a dvd in march still waiting for that. I feel that they are making no effort to get them in stock. I have had problems in the past where they sent me two cds the same and never sent me the different one. seem to be going down hill as we never had problems from them in the past
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