problems with samsung 40 " lcd

Found 22nd May 2007
Recently got delivered our new tv after sending the bush one back .It is a samsung le40r74bdx .I looks great and we love it but every once in a while the picture flickers off its quick and only doesn't do it constantly just at least once or twice when its on .
I have tried taking out the scart etc but it still happens we have no normal channels as we have no aerial so this is through digital virgin not freeview .
I would really appreciate any advice as i dont really want to send it back but also don't want to leave it to long and them then have to repair not exchange .

thank you in advance
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Hi i bought the same tv last year and i have never been pleased with the picture quality.I would have thought that it coming through a cable would make it a better picture as im with virgin as well.Mine also turns its self off.I keep meaning to take it back.I no a couple of people with the same problem.
just been in contact with laskys and they think it is down to the cheap scart i am using causing interferance but he said decent cables are around 60 pounds can anyone recommend anything good and cheaper .
Decent scart is 60 pounds!, That can't be right!

A decent HDMI cable might be £60 but not a scart!
Scart is pretty ancient thesedays, HDMI is the new thing
yes he was babblin on about hdmi cables but my virgin media box isn't hdmi so no good i just need decent scarts i think .

Scart is pretty ancient thesedays, HDMI is the new thing

nothing i have is hdmi compatible though .
well i have now put a monster scart cable on it and unplugged everything else and it still does it .does anyone have any more advice .
take it back - the tv that is. If you can't return it - report it as a fault - it should still be under guarantee.
just playing it through a dvd and it seems fine the only other thing i have is a virgin media box which is what it flashes on but can't see it being the box as that was not flashing before we got the tv .I am really confused they have said they will send an engineer out but what if it doesn't flash when they come out .
we had a problem with a 21" wharfdale (the tv in the bedroom) was only £100 - but about 8 months after buying it, it would start emitting a high pitch squeal after being on for 30 mins or more.... so Argos don't take them straight back, they arrange for an engineer to visit first...

Engineer came, had a look at it (literally - a look) and as it wouldn't make the noise straight away, instead of having to hang around he just wrote it off as faulty - and we were able to take it back to Argos and get a new one!!

I'm not saying this will happen with your engineer - but if your tv / virgin receiver won't mis-behave whilst (s)he's there, i'd just lay it on thick that it does it all the time after 1-2 hours. There's no-way (s)he'll wait to find out!!

you never know!
thanks there gonna come out so i will give it ago thanks for advice
At the very least, it will get taken away to be tested / fixed.

But if it's a known problem/issue - there might be a manufaturer decision to replace??

Good luck though - TVs on the blink are a right pain!
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