Problems with TV Capture Card____Need Help

    Ok it's got me baffled....Here's the thing

    I insert the ComPro Video Mate TV Gold Plus Into an empty PCI Slot and the PC will not turn on. I remove it and it will turn on.

    Also when i insert the card the light on the mobo starts flashing.

    When it's not in the light on the mobo is on steady.

    Any ideas ?


    Is It Agp Or Pci Can You Try Another Slot If Not The Card SeemS To Be The Problem

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    It's a PCI TV Card and it does it in both PCI Slots. Gonna try it in the other PC now

    Take it out, give the connections a clean and put it back in, make sure it is seated firmly

    Also make sure the PCI socket is clean

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    Yup did that already. It does the same thing in the other PC so i will assume the card is faulty.

    Thanks for the help anyways

    Well I've got a Compro Videomate DVB-T300 here (which I've sold to teambintip in another thread) and it has a big sticker on the bottom which says 'Unplug the PC power cord for 10 seconds if the computer restarts itself continuously' ... If that helps..

    Have a look in your mobo manual to see what that flashing light means but the above is worth a try (as it sounds like you haven't actually unplugged your pc)

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    i've tried it both unplugging it and not unplugging it.

    Expansion cards shouldn't interfere with the PC's BIOS in any way shape or form. All devices are now plug and play. Therefore, I wouldn't mess with this any more - it's clearly faulty and you don't want to cause any damage to the motherboard.

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    my thoughts excatly.....i did have a read throught the P5N-E SLI mobo manual but didn't see anything about the mobo light flashing.

    So i am leaving this as it is and going to call it faulty

    when the machine is plugged in and power at the plug is on there is voltage to the pci slots even if the machine is switched off, so a card should never be inserted with the power switch on at the plug.
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