problems with vista and explorer shutting down

    Hi for some reason most of the time when i i right click on most of my folders on my pc i get the message explorer is restarting,this is driving me mad,just windering if there is a fix,thanks



    just windering if there is a fix

    Yeh. Install XP. :w00t:

    Sounds like something has got corrupted - or maybe a virus.

    Have you ran a scan?

    I used to have problems with IE and Vista but that all got sorted with updates, and a fix I dound after googling the problem. Can't remember what it was though.... don't use IE much anymore anyway as it's too heavy but don't have probs when I do

    Defo update your anti-virus and run a full scan. I assume you have anti-virus and firewall.....

    Also, download ccleaner.exe from e.g It's a great utility for cleaning up your system and can also fix any registry problems. Pretty straight forward to use and works a treat
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