problems with windows log in password

    90% of the time my windows logs of (after a couple of hours) onto the password screen
    i type in my password and it doesnt recognize it after numerous times - and i have to reboot my PC and then it works ?
    ive tried changing the password but same problems ?

    windows 7 BTW


    I've had this sometimes with servers at work that have multiple languages or keyboard settings installed. When they lock, they sometimes revert to a different keyboard layout. So if you also have the US keyboard settings installed, then £ becomes # etc.

    Or for some reason it thinks the windows key is being pressed at the same time so tries to run the keyboard shortcuts. Pressing the windows key a few times gets rid of this. On windows 7 though you may not see it running the shortcut.

    I usually end up with a French or Swedish keyboard...

    Original Poster SuperEd

    nah its defo a uk layout checked that - hmmm just driving me nuts

    yeah but do you have any others installed?
    Just checked my XP version and I still have the US keyboard installed as well as it does it by default

    On windows 7 - when it locks do you have the option to switch user? So you could type your password in the user box to see if it showing what you expect?

    Original Poster SuperEd

    no just english uk installed and no option to switch user ?

    hmmm OK - just fired up my windows 7 machine - in the bottom left is a blue icon that says "Ease of access" - it then gives the option to have an on screen keyboard - may be worth a try

    edit: sorry at the password screen this icon appears

    Disable password (smiley not working)

    It is usually caused by another language installed.

    Windows 7 handles installed keyboards in a funny way. You should re-check that you don't have another keyboard / language installed..

    Take off password on resume as well.
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