problems with xbox 360 wifi can anyone help?

    hi people ive got an elite 360 and for a month or so now had problems, 1 being wifi when i turn it on it says disconeted but if i take the wifi addaptor out and back in again it and sign out and log in it works but its a pain keep doing this,

    also black controller i turn it on on the controller and it takes a few mins before xbox turns on, all the lights flash on controller the go round like it waiting to find xbox but unsure why so ive tried to set it up again but still the same.

    help me please thanks


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    Original Poster

    no mins

    I had a simular problem with my old Xbox. When I powered on the Xbox, it would never pick up the signal. It was only when I unplugged it and plugged it back in would the adapter pick up the signal. Sent it back to Microsoft and they sent it back problem solved.

    Have you got any logitech wireless speakers in room ?

    anything else plugged into usb ports

    A video sender in room
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