Problems with Yahoo

    Is anyone else having problems with yahoo???

    I havent been able to log on to yahoo since late last night, and am only intermittently able to access the yahoo site at all.

    Tried on 3 computers, various browsers.

    We are with Virgin Media for broadband


    sorry, can't help don't use yahoo anymore but...... hang on i'll try it

    i got straight onto the site so must be your internet provider- i'm with aol

    fine for me.

    seems ok for me. if you mean Yahoo UK
    also with virgin and have my yahoo mail forward to outlook and that seems to be working ok too.

    maybe a local problem ?

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone

    Really dont understand what is happening

    Just keeps saying either I have spelt the address wrong (I havent!) or server has timed out

    all fine here. yahoo uk and o2 broadband.

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    Not had any problems (yet!) with yahoo today

    Dont really understand what it was, but have read a few things on the internet about people being unable to get on to yahoo when everyone else could because they were connecting to a different yahoo server that was having a problem.

    Thanks for the help everyone - repped you all (except umanga because I ran out - its on its way!)

    Original Poster

    Ooooo it could be, the problems I mentioned I heard about happened when yahoo last updated its front page!

    Hadnt seen that, thanks! (Will rep when I can!)
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