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    I am having problems contacting zavvi via their customer service number. It was working last week when I rang to request a refund however today it tells me the number I have dialled has not been recognised. I have not received my refund and it has been over 10 days now.

    Anyone know what is going on or have a different number for them??!! Thanks in advance!


    I had to emaila round 7 times and it took over a month to get a refund back.

    I placed an order, and then cancelled it before it was dispatched.

    I ordered on the 22nd November and then cancelled on the 26th November as the item had gone out of stock. I received the cancellation email and it stated that no money had been taken out of my account. I checked my bank statement a few days later and the money had in fact been taken out of my account,.

    I sent them a message on 30th Nov, and I've still to get a reply about it. I also tried ringing their customer service number there now, but it just goes dead, as if it is an invalid number.

    I think it'll be the last time I order from Zavvi just to save a couple of quid.

    I just tried it and it was engaged

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    Eventually got through to them apparantly computer system crashed this morning and lines went down.....!!! Despite me requesting a refund last week it has only been passed to the finance department yesterday.......!! How ridiculous, quick to take my money when the item wasnt available (despite website saying it was) yet taking the micky when coming to refunding me!! I wont ever be using zavvi again!

    Just got through there myself.

    She said that I would get refunded within 7 working days.

    Having the same problem myself with The Hut been waiting for a refund now for about 10 days so will be giving them a ring on Monday to see whats going on, both owned by the same company, same crap service.
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