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    Hi Ive just upgraded my Graphics Card and was wondering about my Motherboard at the moment i have a Abit G5 KN9 SLI with a AMD 4800 x2 the max this board can take it a Athlon 64 FX 62 would it be better for me to upgrade to this i can get a chip for around £60 or am i better going for a new AMD and if so what should i go for.
    At the moment i can run MOH in 1920x1200 with vsync on i have 4gb Ram and a 6870 Graphics card.

    Hope to hear from you.


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    better to get a new AMD system than upgrading this. as the socket 939 is very old...

    Ive got a KN9 motherboard - you cant cos abit didnt provide an update to be able to use AM3+.

    there have been come people who tried to hack the bios - but its just didnt work. its a no go! probably buy gigabyte next time
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