Product for sqeaky door hinges?

Found 30th Dec 2010
Hi Guys

I'm looking for some kind of oil for squeaky door hinges(WD40 or something), Does the poundshop/99p store do anything like that. I'm sure they do but thought I'd ask to be on the safe side and to get a better understanding too.

Many thanks.

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yeah but it can be store dependant!

£ shop do sell it.... if not just a spray of air freshner on the hinge will do the trick for a short period.
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oil , standed oil you would put on a bike chain , its better WD40 it lasts longer

Original Poster


yeah but it can be store dependant!


How about wd40 from the £ shop?

Cheers guys, I have two of each stores in a 2 mile radius so will give them a bash. Cheers!


^^^WD40 dries out, use cycle oil

Margarine will save you a trip to the shops.


Margarine will save you a trip to the shops.

and your hinges will stink


go to halfords and buy some spray grease thats what we use for our window installations


and your hinges will stink

No worse than toast

you can get a small tin of wd40 and a pot of bicycle oil in poundland, squirt of wd40 first and follow with a few drops of oil. Spray grease is okay but messy for indoor hinges.

i have been known to use furniture polish before now.....


3 in 1 oil
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