Product Key for Microsoft office Word 07

Found 26th Oct 2009

Just wondering if anyone can assist me. I have been unable ot use word recently because it is locked. It is asking me to enter a 25 digit key.

Now I have entered the one on the security sticked on the back of my laptop, but it still isnt working!

Any suggestions?
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The one on your laptop is most likely a Windows key rather than a Word key unless it states that it is a Word key on the sticker.

Most laptops only come with a trial of Word which expires after 'x' amount of months. You can buy MS Office or download ]openoffice for free which includes a word processor.
Thats the key for windows, not office, you need to purchase office and get a key…8-9
Thank you guys, much appreciated.
I get the same problem, but i think I can get round it by first of all clicking on the x on the page that asks for product key, then click yes to cancel set up then click on close, this works for me maybe you could try it. Let me know if it works.
Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesnt!

Just constantly locked!
Openoffice is free.... as stated above - or you'll just have to buy a licenced copy! If you have a child in school - or are a student - then you may qualify for the educational licence.
You can always phone Microsoft's product activation helpline and tell them the problems you are having. The number is 0800 0188354.
if you dont have a copy of office with a product key, its pointless ringing microsoft.
you don't get a full copy of office on PCs anymore unless you pay for one
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