product written off by warranty company can you sell the faulty item?

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Found 21st Nov 2008
I asked if they wanted it back,no they dont and they said they will come and collect it at a cost of £7.50 or i can dispose of it myself.

So as theyve written it off and dont want it and its mine to dispose of can i sell it on for parts? (they seem to be doing ok on ebay lol)

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Dont see why not, first I would check how much to have it repaired, you may get loads more for a working one than a faulty one,

"Dispose of it" On Ebay

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they havent got the parts to fix it thats why it was written off cos the parts wont be in stock til dec 3rd then they have to undergo quality control before they will release them

just thought i dont want to dump it if i can make a few ££ from it and its legally ok for me to do so

Its up to you how you dispose of it. A local repairman may be able to fix with alternate parts, my mums machine is a creda but the repairman fitted a different make pump a few weeks back,

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to be perfectly honest i will be glad to see the back of the thing but making a few £ out of it for spares or repair is even better it sounds sooo tempting lol

It is yours - the warranty company don't want it - selling it on is your way of disposing of it. No problem whatsoever.

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right its gonna go on ebay then thankyou muchly i only asked because they all have specific serial numbers and i just wondered that if someone called the company out and they checked the serial number they would know its a written off machine and i dont want to get into any bother if im not meant to sell it i wont

The legal definition of "disposing of" is selling so I think you'll be allowed

If you sent it to the tip they would sell it on anyway so if I was you I would make some money myself:santa:

Be honest and mention on ebay that it is a write off, just like you have to do when its a car, that way you have covered yourself
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