Products that are more style over substance.

    I was using two products today, now if yo believed the advertising hype they are the best you can buy and one cannot possibley live without them.

    Firstly, Cif Mouuse, what the hell does it do, as far as I am concerned it covers the bath, sink in a noxious foam, sits there for a few minutes and then dissolves. I have attemped two methods, one whereby I leave it to its own devices and the other whereby I scrub the bath / sink during and after the mouuse has been placed. Everything is as grimey as before I used the Cif - useless.

    Secondly, Bloo Lime toilet cleaner, it doesn't. It smells lovely and adds a bright green hue to the bathroom but other than that it is useless.

    Even at a £1 I would not consider buying these things again.

    Anyone got other examples of products that just do not live up to their reputation.



    FFS yet another iphone thread


    FFS yet another iphone thread

    male chicken time is it?


    Some products are useless I agree.

    I dont use tolet blocks so cant comment on them.

    Try using mr muscle bathroom spray (dont use this if your bathroom has acrylic surfaces or something that doesnt agree with bleach) or something else thats more powerful.
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