Professional carpet cleaning rates?

    Hey all

    I am moving to a new house soon, and thinking of getting my current one cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. I have 2 medium sized bedrooms to be carpet-cleaned.

    I am calling in a bunch of carpet cleaning shops over the weekend for a quote, just wanted to know if anyone ever used professional carpet cleaners before and how much did you pay for it?



    Hire a cleaner and do it yourself :thumbsup:

    I got the rug doctor, cost about 25 quid with the shampoo, and got to say its great

    A guy did our living room, dining room, hall and bottom of the stairs for £45 and it was worth every penny after having messed on with one of those rug doctors previously :x

    2 years ago I got 4 bedroom house done for £180, North London though.

    As above, worth every penny, made carpet look like new, proper 30amp wet hoover from diesel genny van beats anything your plug can provide.

    make sure whoever does it has liability insurance.
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