Found 14th Jul 2010
The guy next door must be a professional stalker

He is 30ish and lives on his own

I've been quite lucky in life I live with my parents who are well off and therefore I dont work. I volunteer in the community to help people who are on benefits and I help alcoholics

This guy next door doesnt go out very much and I can often see the reflection from his binoculars when he is looking at my I think I have seen his tinky winky on occasions, I dont know if he cracks one out whilst watching me?

He often tries to say hi to me but I keep my head down because the guy is creepy

This bloke is weird

also he is a g-g-g-g-UNIT


p.s I drive an Audi S3 and own a quadbike

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I was just typing this up, to be fair mine was funnier

Seriously? You don't also happen to drive an Audi S, do you? S'just, there's just been a thread from a guy saying the exact same, but from the opposite point of view. It'd be an amazing coincidence if it was the same guy.

Watch yourself though, the other guy was saying something like he sometimes watches his guy with peener in-hand at 4am. If it is the same guy, I'd start buckling my belt a notch tighter and wearing an extra pair of pants.


I was just typing this up, to be fair mine was funnier

Post it as a reply in this thread.

We need competition (Please note: No prizes will be given nbut you may get quoted if it is funny)

Classic Numpty.

Haha good one!


I dont get it oO


i really hope some of the replies are a joke as i am pretty sure this is a pi$$ take of the drug dealing thread lmao


lmao - your username does your justice

classic numpty X)

Original Poster

Wow a semi complimentary post by dcx...I am shocked


tbh, i did laugh when i read this



Wow a semi complimentary post by dcx...I am shocked

inb4 he starts crying.

Nice thread brah.


I'm older than 30 Numpty!

I think the guy next door fancies me

I'm a relatively young guy, 25 or so and recently won the lottery, not a lot but enough to buy a house and let my parents live rent free due to their disabilities, luckily i had enough left over to buy myself a car and a quad bike to mess around on. I didn't have enough money for a new one so i got an 09 plate instead.

The guy next door seems to fancy me, perhaps it's because i have a shoulder bag he thinks i might like men, but i don't, it's really getting to me, he seems to be looking at me all of the time, i've taken to staying out late and only inviting my friends around in the morning when he might not see me, although i'm sure he's still watching.

He keeps trying to talk to me, i don't want to be rude but i think if i make eye contact he might get the wrong impression.


LOL lovin your work sancho

Does this mean parody threads are fair game again?

Thread epicness
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