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Found 23rd Apr 2007
Need to commission a database driven website for my start up business.

Anyone know any good people or companies that could do what I want to a very professional level?

I am looking for hosting too but not necessarily together with the creation although a complete creation publishing and maintenance solution would probably more ideal for me.

All help appreciated. TIA.
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For the hosting i could definatly recommend FlashServers.co.uk as they were very professional for the time i was there (around 6 monhts) the prices are good and it is UK based hosting so you cant go wrong.
Thanks i'll check em out
iweb solutions are good for hosting, cPanel is definitely something you should look for when getting hosting, loads of features all together!

I've used them for years. UK based, support 7 days a week (they don't advertise this but someone always replied to emails and support tickets within a few hours, regardless of whether it is a weekday or weekend), very friendly and most importantly cheap.

Highly recommended.
What about website creation? I need to create a property sector based database driven portal? Any ideas
Any preference on technology, I know some guys (my own start-up company, lol) that can do that on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) system with hosting and CMS (Content Management System).

Any idea of time-line, size of the job etc.?

Also could you define "professional level"? A lot of the pretty/flashy, so called, professional websites break fundamental rules of web design and accessibility. Clean, functional, elegant and accessible we can do.

Blatant self promotion there :whistling: but PM me if you would like some info.

Use CPanel (found with most hosting companies) and install something like Joomla (databased driven content management system) that has loads of plug ins and very easy to manage. Oh, its opensource so its free!

The Hot Property component is a decent commercial component for Joomla (around £100) or there are free alternatives on the platform too.

Of course, if you do it all yourself, not only will you get a sense of achievement, but you will be able to update and maintain it a whole lot easier and will not have to reply on someone else when it all goes pete tong (saving you a packet load in the process!)
I'm a web designer by trade but I dont freelance any more (sold out to work for the man). My advice is to try posting on some new business startup forums such as] shell live wire. Their is loads of great tallent flying around and because web design is heavily reliant on word of mouth and a good portfolio loads of startup will give you alot more for your buck.
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