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Found 2nd Dec 2007

As per title - anyone recommend a free program to join media files together?

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not sure you can do that

It's going to be a little difficult as you have various different types there, Windows Movie Maker which is free with Windows XP can join these files together with the additional bonus that you can add transitions and similar but it can't handle all video files. It is possible to convert the mov and mpg files to avi which Moviemaker can use but there's quite a lot of factors involved as to how feasible it all is.


Much easier to convert them all to the same file format first, most progs will also need them to be the same screensize (eg 640x480) to join them efficiently. I've used/trialled literally dozens of progs over the year, the one I use is Adobe Premier Elements which has never cocked up and exports directly to YouTube- very simple and effective but about £60.

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Well ... initially looking at wmv. But just wondered if there was a program that could do them all as it would be useful!

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For wmv stick with movie maker. Joining the different file types is kind of like trying to splice a tape together out of a betamax tape, a vhs tape, and an old cine film. They all need different players (or codecs as is) so putting them together is most likely to cause an entire mess. Adobe can have different file types dropped into the same timeline, but it isn't going to be neat...

I'm fairly sure VirtualDub is able to do it, although I am too short on time to actually check. It may only be able to handle combining the same codec type, but it does have the ability to reencode video streams, so it's possible that it'll work.
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