Found 9th Sep 2008
Could anybody help with some topics for a project about India.
My 10 yr old has been given this assignment but thought I would ask here for suggestions on what he could put in it that may be make his stand out from the rest of his class.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.


What about the Caste systems they have, quite interesting

Try ]Here

What about whether India was right to carry out nuclear tests in the desert some 10 years ago. I realise it's a strong topic and is from many years ago - but could start a debate/strong talking point. Don't really know if it's an appropriate topic for 10/11 year olds ??

too complex for a 10 year old.
What about festivals? Holi / Divali
Also a look at the various Gods / Godesses
Taj Mahal?
Life of Gandhi?

I know it's a difficult topic but mrtootough wanted something that would make their son stand out from the crowd !! Trying to think of something a little less ordinary !

What about a Indian fashion show, get his fellow classmates to be his models. Local sari houses etc would be more than happy to loan out clothes etc

iwish i could help you my parents are from india but i was born here and i dont really like the place which means i dont now jack about the place what intrested me is the taj mahel, and i heard this on radio last week no plane can fly over the taj mahel i thought it should have been a goverment building but it was the taj mahel

try wikepedia for some good sources

What are people born outside of UK, views of it? I'd use that as a spring board for outsiders view of India, then perhaps do a line or two on various realities of India. Wiki would be great to take leaders from and collate info from other sources. Perhaps mention imports / exports and materials spices (cut out pictures of such and include them in paper) Could go a little further afield and deeper and just google persecution in India and be thankful we have more freedom than most. Enjoy the project and time with your boy.


How about how the country has changed since it left the British Empire or the vast difference in the class level and poverty.

Original Poster

thanks to all for great ideas and advice. Hopefully, he will get top marks.

How about the Unity in Diversity thing? 28 states speaking 22 official languages still united as one country?

why did the british take the indian jewel that always bugged my mind
dont you think they should return it??? if what i have commented is true
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