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    As we all know, the XBOX is an x86 compatible PC in reality that can easily run linux.

    Now, because we can run linux and the XBOX has USB ports in reality, turning the idea into reality isn't as hard as it looks.

    There would be a few restrictions but in the long run they should be fixable.

    Only USB 1.1 comptible tuners I know would be Analogue, however it would be as simple as attatching a digibox via an RF Loop.

    Who's with me on trying out this project?


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    I'd be looking into a more, wireless soloution that doesn;t require something backing it up (namely a pc).

    My main thought at the moment is :

    Get a non-ram-hogging linux distrobution on the XBOX, then get a USB tuner that is compatible with linux and is USB 1.1 and meets the xbox's system requirements, once that has been achieved, I would like to use something like MythTV to be the frontend.

    What do you think think to my current idea/thoughts?

    I don't think it's possible, USB 1.1 is slow and resource hogging and it's on a system with a weak processor - as mentioned in that thread LAN seems to be the only way to go but I can't see getting around needing a PC. Although the Xbox does use an X86 architecture it's a very specific design which leaves it lacking in some areas for general use.


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    This TV Tuner seems to be within the XBOX's specs.

    I understand that USB 1.1 is slow but some analogue tv tuners are still USb 1.1 compatible.

    That type of tuner relies on the system's CPU to basically do all the work as it has virtually no hardware of its own which you don't have with the Xbox. I've used that exact model and quality was pretty poor even when running with a decent PC.


    My project that I have in mind is rehousing the console in an entirely different casing that is wider and lower, thinking along the lines of a vcr chassis and placing the controller ports behind the video flap, also rehousing a pc inside the upper half of a mannequin if I can get hold of one at the right price, preferably a female one.

    Yours sounds like a great idea in principle but unfortunately unworkable, would it be possible to fit a micro atx mobo in the xbox chassis? and work it like that? The look and design of the xbox but a pc inside?
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