:santa: :santa: Hi all, looking for a projector for home use. Anybody any ideas of best type and best price,


    How much you looking to spend? What do you want to plug into it? How big is you room? Do you suffer from the rainbow affect?

    Need as much info as possible so can send you in the right direction for what will be suitable.

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    Budget would be between £270 and £320 need to use it to watch dvds and laptop connection, room is only 3m x 3m and as far as I am aware I dont suffer with rainbow affect. This is a christmas present request for 10 year old,


    a 10year odl asked for a projector...?

    Clever youngun./..wishj i thought of summit like that when i was 10.

    Well 3 meters is not a far enough throw for a dlp so look for and lcd with a very short throw lens.
    To be honest with a budget of that and the limit on what is suitable for your small room I would contact some local hifi stores to see if they have any second hand ones that are suitable that people have traded in when upgrading.

    Look out for lcd ones and more info on the lens throw can be found at [URL=""][/URL]

    anyone reccomend the best place online with the best vouchercode? I'm guesing at the moment, PC World might be a good option with quidco?
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