Found 8th May 2007
I'm looking for a projector and not sure where to begin LCD/DLP. My requirements are:

1. Less than £1,000 (cheaper the better, £1,000 is a complete stretch)
2. Handles HD, 720+
3. Good levels brightness & conrtast
4. Not too expensive to own (cost of bulbs)

Any pointers would be most appreciated, I'm looking for a 'hot deal'



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There is this but must be a misprice? £644 at ebuyer, £280 at!!…tml

Not sure about this - looks an excellent price but the website is sorely lacking in info and I haven't ordered from them before, but its the same item number as ebuyer's description. Lamps are £200 each so how the whole thing can be £280??

EDIT - Its gone now, did anyone take the chance with this?

I gave it a go, the order is showing as pending so we will see if it is honoured.

1 x Acer PH530 EY.J4401.001 £237.88 + vat and P&P = £291.26

Not entirely sure how I persuade the wife I need one but a very good spot and too good a deal to pass up. I recently got a PS3 from Empire at £360 so hope to do a bit of big screen gaming.

Interestingly when you put it in the basket, it offered you the chance to buy a spare battery!?! so perhaps they really did have their wires crossed.

This my first post, registering to say thanks to jah128, and to hopefully start contributing something to this great site.

It's a blowout...

Just had a call saying that they are out of stock of that projector and while the guy was very helpful suggesting alternatives, I explained it was a features / price thing.

The explanation was that this is a discontinued model but that stock levels are not linked to the web site, he did not suggest a mis-price, just a good deal.

Well I won't need to have that conversation with the wife now.

unlucky chablis, thought it sounded almost to good to be true so didn't bother posting it as a deal in its own right. ah well, you win some you lose some, always worth a try!

Original Poster

I've done a bit of web research and come up with these options:

1. Sony VPL-HS60 - £780…V6A

2. Panasonic PTAX100 - £877…tml

The Sony looks better on paper and is cheaper of course. Any sugggestions on these choices / prices?


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