Projector and 22" LCD or 42"Plasma

Found 17th Oct 2007
Heres the scenario:

Looking for some new big screen entertainment, and had convinced myself to buy a samsung 42" plasma. However I 'borrowed' works new projector and managed to get a 9ft screen on my plain white wall :-D.

Fiancee has hinted that big screen plasmas are chavvy when not in use:? , dominating a wall, but liked that the projector was a small item that was inconspicous when not in use.

I am erring to a 22" Lcd for TV use, and go for the projector for dvds, sports and 360.

Any thoughts or input before I splash out my back pay?


I would go for the plasma. Got a 42" at beginning of year and loving it.
Old 28" TV looks like a portable.

Doesnt look bad when off - just another bit of gear. Definition is far better in increased light.

If you want the pub feel in your house though - go for the projector.

I run a Panasonic projector at around 120" and a Panasonic 42" plasma. I love the projector to pieces and it creates an atmosphere just not possible with a 42" screen. But given the choice of just one or the other I'd probably go for the plasma :-(

What type of projector did you 'borrow' and what sort of price range would the projector have to fall into? The main factor to take into account with the projector of course is bulb lifespan and cost of replacements. A lot of my friends know I have a projector yet not one person has walked into my living room and been able to spot where it is, so I know exactly what you're fiancee means by inconspicuous!

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The works projector is a sub £500 epson with 2100 lumens ANSI, so not pricey. and the replacements bulbs are £85 ea. And the picture quality was surprisingly good, Gears of War looked great, the rugby also looked great.

Seems pretty good, any idea what screen resolution it can display and the connections it takes? In fact, a model number would be handy if you know it

Save the planet and go for the projector, personally i would go for the projector because its small and compact but you can get a massive screen for all of your friends to marvell at. Whats the lighting like in the room you use it in? What kind of sound system do you have hooked up to it? Is the projector in a place where people will walk in front of it?

All very good points Tatey. You really need a tasty sound system to partner a projector. Friend's truly will marvel at a projection system, every man and his dog has a plasma/LCD display these days

"Chavvy when not insure" lol

I've been told good quality projects are just as good as plasmas, LCDs.

I have a 420p HDTV in my room and it ain't really the bees.

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The sound system is reasonably tasty, due to post divorce splash out :roll:

Arcam Solo feeding a Bose lifestyle set of speakers and Subwoofer, (Can you see a theme building of discreet kit. If only I had another lounge it would be so much easier.

The projectors I am looking at has a screen res of 1024 x 768, and a ANSI of 2000 - 3000.

I will 'borro' works projector again this weekend for some testing of Halo 3 and PGR4.

I think I am erring to a sub 26" Lcd and a sub £500 projector, any more comments before I splash the cash?
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