projector audio connection with bluetooth speaker question

Posted 27th Apr
i bought a cheapo amazon projector last year to use in our lay z spa. the picture is fine but the audio isnt loud enough for outside. the projector has a usb, hdmi and 3,5 aux connection. im using the hdmi and usb for a chromecast, although i could power the chromecast from a plug socket if need be. i have a ue boom 2 bluetooth speaker which would be ideal to use. Ive tried having it connected to my phone via usb while using the chromecast to stream a movie my phone but the audio doesnt work via the speaker.

does anyone know what type of adaptor i could use to pair my bluetooth speaker to the projector. ive seen the 3.5 mm aux bluetooth transmitters and the usb bluetooth adaptors. can anyone explain which i would need to use.
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Why not just use a 3.5mm audio jack from projector to speaker?

Else one of the apt x low latency Bluetooth transmitters that plug into 3.5mm socket on projector
If getting a Bluetooth transmitter, have a read of the small print and find one that powers on while charging so it can be constantly plugged into a usb for power
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